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Payment Tools for Paid Messages on Telegram. For online communities, platforms, and marketplaces. Keep your community or platform connected, monetizing your clients, members or users with paid messages chat and calls!

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API & SaaS payment tools: Paid messages chat and calls


API & SaaS: Payment tools for paid messages chat and calls

Monetizing communication with years of experience delivering cutting edge applications built on communication apps that people around the world already use.

A team you can trust

Our vision is to create friendly payment tools on top of communication channels people around the world already use. Today we have 7 years of experience in managing high volume products and sites.

Tech & Commercial

We are not only a tech team. More than 60% of our team is on the commercial side. We understand your business model and demands from your users. Providing secure products that scale is a priority. ​

Tailored Solutions

We have experience in developing applications for many different communication channels. chargeDM is committed to providing industry-leading solutions and advanced tools for your marketplace or platform.

What Clients Say

With the changes that have impacted so many of us, we were able to take our consulting business online and without missing a beat, chargeDM provided us with everything we needed in order to accept payments and begin calling and messaging with our clients.
James Larsen

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