Paid online legal advice and messaging platform for attorneys
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Pay-Per-Minute and Pay-Per-Message

Offer paid online legal advice to your clients - Paid calling and messaging

Discover chargeDM's turnkey online legal platform for your firm or practice

Using two of the world’s most popular communication tools: Skype and WhatsApp – Our SaaS solution is a quick way to create bridges between your skilled attorneys, paralegals and clients.

Our solutions include Pay-Per-Minute or Pay-Per-Text for the following channels:

Paid Skype calls
Paid WebRTC streaming
Payment tools for paid Zoom conference calling
Paid WhatsApp messaging
Paid Telegram Messaging

A virtual firm or practice for legal professionals

Provide paid online legal advice to your clients

Our turnkey live chat platform comes 100% customized for your business. Our SaaS does not require extra development

Connecting clients with legal professionals

Using Skype or WhatsApp, your legal team can advise clients either Pay-Per-Minute, Pay-Per-Text or can pay upfront

Conversations are secure and safe

Attorneys & Clients can create their own profiles. Clients add credit or pay upfront. Chats are encrypted and remain private

Manage everything from an Admin Panel

A bird’s eye view on all activity: View: Calls, messages, payments and manage all users - All through a friendly interface

What does a Clients journey look like?

Paid Online legal advice for your clients

Clients can filter, browse and easily search from available attorneys or paralegals to call via Skype or message on WhatsApp. Appointments can be done instantly or scheduled in advance.

Client purchases credits

Client buys credits to speak with a legal professional via Skype chat or in a conversation WhatsApp message

Client selects a legal professional

Our user friendly platform allows clients to browse, filter available legal professionals based on needs (e.g., family law), location or attorneys/paralegals available that moment

Client initiates a call or chat

Client initiates an online secure, encrypted call with an attorney - Or may schedule an appointment for a future day/time

Debit your client and credit the attorney

Our technology verifies the balance of the client's wallet during a call. As funds or time expire, our system ends the chat - Preserving the Attorney's time while allocating the funds from client to attorney

Nothing to download

Our software uses popular communication channels many around the world already use: Skype / VideoStream / Zoom / WhatsApp / Telegram etc. 

There is nothing extra for your client or attorney to download. Legal professionals can use their existing account or one can be created for them by you.

Have a Question or need help?

If you're unsure or need help, request a quote - We can tailor any solution to fit the needs of your business or project

How do our services work?

Payments made directly to you

Clients purchase credit or pay upfront via your available payment options, using your existing bank accounts.

Monthly invoice - No Contracts

Invoices are sent out monthly, based on your usage for the month e.g., the total number of calls and/or messages. Cancel anytime

Safe and secure

Conversations are encrypted & private. Clients can safely add funds to chat, stream as they go, or pay upfront

Already have an online legal site?

API available - Offer paid online legal advice with Skype and WhatsApp

If you already have a platform in place with attorneys and clients, connect it with our technology to offer Skype and/or WhatsApp. Use our API to track what client consults with which attorney or paralegal from your platform - Debit your client and credit the legal professional


Our technology is lightweight and integrates seamlessly into your website - Completely unbranded


API Payment Tools for paid Skype Calls (Infographic)
API Infographic - Payment Tools for Paid Skype Calls (Voice & Video)


WhatsApp Pay-Per-Message API: Technical Drawing
How our API works with paid WhatsApp messages
Online Education Platform software

Our solution is successfully implemented in many different industries

Our team of developers and marketeers can successfully adapt our API based technology for every industry, from consulting, education, and counseling.

Our commitment to you as our partner

We stand by our products and our clients. All of our products include support at no extra cost. We have experience working with high-volume platforms and will do our best to ensure that you are given the best chance at success!

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