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Turnkey Marketplace for Paid Skype Calls

chargeDM’s Skype SaaS web platform provides you with a complete web application. That includes payment tools for paid Skype calls. The platform allows your users to browse and search from your available live agents.
Users can buy credits and pay for Skype calls, Pay per Minute or in a pre-paid format. While your Operators can monetize paid Skype calls (audio or video).
Both Operator and User can create profiles. Each user type has specific rights according to their user type. For example, Operators can set their price per minute and schedule availability.
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Pay per Minute Paid Skype Calls

The technology where the magic happens!
Our plugin for Skype notifies your operators of the user calling. By providing them with statistics such as, the amount spent on average per call. Including their rating, or what previous operators have rated this user in the past.
During the call, the plugin confirms the user’s balance against their wallet. A notification is sent to the user as their balance gets low. This gives them a chance to top up their wallet before the call expires. When the user runs out of funds, the plugin interrupts the call and preserves your operator’s time.
Once the call concludes, the balance or amount due is transferred from the user to the operator.
The Pay per Minute plugin for paid Skype calls is available from an operator’s account. An always up to date version is available from the Control Panel. Updates occur periodically to keep up to date with Skype.
chargeDM: Pay-Per-Minute Plugin
Pay-Per-Minute plugin for paid Skype calling


Before we can begin integration

Please provide the following to begin installation of your :​

Domain Name

The URL for your project


Your branding and color scheme - Favicon optional

Site email address

For sending site email e.g., verify email of new user

Payment Processor

View: Payment Processing (Billing)

Web Services

Services for chargeDM’s Skype SaaS web platform +Pay-Per-Minute application includes hosting. Yet, you will need a domain name and optional hosting depending on the scope of your project.

Domain Name

Create the following CNAME records in your domain’s DNS settings:



Value / Destination:




Value / Destination:




Value / Destination:



Hosting is required if you wish to create a landing page as your site’s home page. Or for additional pages that you may wish to include for your users. This could include, but is not limited to terms and conditions, refund policy, FAQ for user support, etc. 

WordPress is a popular (Free) CMS that is easy to use. There are plenty of resources available, both free and paid that can help you with getting set up. 

WordPress is available from most hosting providers. The hosting provider that you choose may install this for you or offer a step by step guide for you to perform this installation yourself.

If you do not have a domain or hosting, we can recommend one of the following providers: Namecheap or Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Payment Processing (Billing)

Your turnkey marketplace for paid Skype calls will need a payment processor. This is required in order for you to accept credit cards or other forms of payment.

Your Skype SaaS Web Platform is pre-configured with: DialXS or CardBilling

We provide setup for DialXS or CardBilling in our agreement. To avoid delays or extra costs, please inform us immediately with whom you have chosen. Choosing an alternative is possible, but may incur extra costs.


Begin the application process as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays. The approval process can take up to 2 weeks with your chosen processor.

User Roles & Accounts


URL: gods.YourDomain.TLD

You and/or members of your team will receive logins to the backend. Giving you a complete overview of site operations. You can manage users, track revenue, view statistics of the platform, etc.

Your turnkey marketplace for paid Skype calls is a complete platform. One that allows your End-Users to add funds and buy time with your Operators. Behind the scenes, the system is making financial calculations. By taking the appropriate funds from an End-User’s wallet and placing them into the wallet of an Operator.

To add an extra layer of security, access as an Administrator requires a static IP address. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your platform. We recommend using a VPN for you and your team when logging in to the administrator portal.

Operator (Service provider)

URL: accounts.YourDomain.TLD

Operators can login and view call (transaction) history from their dashboard. They can also edit their profiles, set their rates per minute, and request payouts from the site.

Settings > Public Profile

To be used in search results. End-users can filter based on tags to help narrow down their search results.

General profile text: Allows the Operator to define their services. The profile acts as more of an advertising tool. They can list their areas of expertise etc.

Operators can style their profiles with images, videos and text formatting.

Public profiles of available Operators are available at: profiles.YourDomain.TLD

Profiles are sorted by online or active first.

Operators appear online when they login to Skype and load the Pay per Minute plugin.

Your Users will be able to distinguish available Operators by the green light. This can be found in the bottom left corner. Operators that are offline will have a red light.

The Pay per Minute Plugin is a proprietary plugin designed and developed by chargeDM. Allowing your Operators to engage and transact with your Users. For paid Skype calling, they can call with both audio or video and can both use the video function.

The plugin is available from the dashboard. They can locate it on the left-hand side menu, second to the last item, “Download Skype Plugin”:

Pay-Per-Minute Plugin

System Requirements

 Windows Mac
Windows 7 and above
Including 8, 8.1 and 10
OSX 10.12 and above

Sync: Pay-Per-Minute Plugin & Skype

Once installed, the Operator will need to “link” their Skype account with the plugin on the first run.

Operator logs into the Plugin using your site credentials (username and password) ​

Link account by providing their Skype email and Skype password​

On a successful SYNC the Plugin displays: Connected​

chargeDM: Pay-Per-Minute Plugin

The Operator will appear online and available to take calls on the Profiles page.

The Operator will know when a verified user is calling from your platform. The plugin will provide some more details about the caller.​

While the call is underway, funds are reserved from your User's wallet. Once the call has concluded, the Operator’s wallet will be credited with the funds from the member. Both User and Operator can view their transaction history from the dashboard.


This is your paying customer. Users can create a profile to manage payment and contact details. They can also pre pay for a call or schedule a call for the future.


A Company account can manage many “Operators”. A Company account can change profiles. Set/change price per minute and has the ability to disable an account under its umbrella.