Turnkey Marketplace for Paid Skype Calls

Hosted Platform for Paid Skype (Voice & Video)

Complete website with Pay per Minute paid Skype calling

Turnkey Marketplace for Paid Skype Calls - Voice & Video

Turnkey Marketplace with Payment Tools for Paid Skype calls

A complete platform for managing and running your own paid Skype calling marketplace. That includes payment tools for paid Skype calls. Branded to match your image and to remain seamless across your projects. 

The platform allows your users to browse and search from your available live agents. Users buy credits and pay for Skype calls, Pay per Minute or in a pre-paid format using your payment methods.

Your Operators can create profiles, upload photos, videos, outlining their areas of expertise. Operators can monetize paid Skype audio or video calls by setting their rate per minute or if a call is a flat rate. Live agents can define their availability so that Users can book them in advance.

Pay per Minute

Hosted turnkey marketplace for paid Skype calls

Branded (colors and logo) to match your project or image. Your hosted platform will fit right in with your existing projects or look great if it is your first! Extend your company’s delivery by offering your clients with paid Skype calls.

Payment Tools For


Define a price per minute

You, or your operators may define the price per minute for paid Skype calls (Voice & Video). Define a global rate per minute for all calls. Or allow variable rates e.g., for different levels of service, specific callers.

Notify users when their balance gets low

Notify users when their balance becomes low during their Pay per Minute paid Skype calls. Include your payment links or one-click tokens and encourage top-ups in-call. Increasing user conversion and your ROI!

Interrupt paid Skype calls (Voice and Video)

Our plugin for paid Skype calls supports paid Skype video and audio calling. Interrupt paid calls when a user's balance expires and preserve your operator's time. Keeping them out of free chat.

Need help or have a question? 

If you are unsure or need help, request a quote. We can tailor our payment tools to fit your needs and the demands of your users.​

The Technology: Turnkey Marketplace for Paid Skype Calls - Voice and Video

Crafted in-house, our hosted SaaS platform includes hosting. It features a public front end where users can browse profiles and create accounts. On the backend, your operators can create profiles and manage their accounts. From the admin panel, you have a birds eye view of your total operations. You can see your sites total revenue and manage your payouts to your operators.

Turnkey Marketplace for Paid Skype Calls

Admin Portal (Backend)

Turnkey Marketplace for Paid Skype Calls

Performance and Stats

View your stats and see how your platform is performing. Think of this as your bird’s eye view on all activity: View: Calls, messages, payments.

Operator Management

A complete overview of of your live agents. Disable accounts or make revisions to their profile. Including adjusting their price per minute for Paid Skype calls.

User Management

Just like with your operators our backend allows you to manage your entire user base. Disable accounts and more.